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I give you guys a step by step guide on how to get an internship. This video is meant for those that are completely lost

00:15 How to create a resume
01:51 Should you put unrelated work exp. on your resume
04:00 What kind of activities should you do
05:06 Why do some people have a hard time making a resume
05:42 Where to look for a job
08:12 How many internships should you applying to ever term
09:36 How can you tell for sure which skillsets you need to build
10:28 Should you apply for internships outside of your major
10:45 Is it really important to get an internship
12:14 How many career fairs should you go to
13:10 What to wear to a career fair
14:06 How to be socialable at career fairs
15:04 My strategy on how to get a recruiter to really pay attention to me
17:40 What you have to do after a career fair
19:27 How I got my friend a ,000 salary job

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