Applying For Internships | 5 Requirements To Apply Internships India | Internship In India VLOG 28

Thinking of applying for Internships? Here are 5 requirements to apply for Internships in India. This is Internship in India VLOG#28.

1. Educational Qualifications: MBA, CA, BE students usually get preference. BBA/ Diploma students may have a chance, but they might have to search more.
2. Age: By the time students reach above mentioned qualifications, the reach to the age of 20, 21+ easily. So, below 18 is not in the picture.
3. CV/ Resume: Experience, capabilities, skills, expertise
4. Interview: Confidence, communication skills, behaviour, aptitude, attitude
5. Reality: Don’t expect that you can enter a company as an intern, and somehow, get a permanent job there. Use internship to enhance your experience & skills, that’s it.

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